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Integrated Marketing

Windward understands direct marketing programs must be designed and executed in ways people communicate. How donors connect with causes and organizations and how they make contributions – whether through direct mail or online. In designing a direct response program, the goal is to create integrated marketing that moves across channels as the organization’s donors do.


Direct Mail

Direct mail remains a vital centerpiece of direct response programs. Windward crafts direct marketing programs that connects with the organization’s causes and donors.


Analytic & Planning

Windward’s data analysis and modeling techniques ensures our analysis produces actionable analytical recommendations.


Production Management

Windward partners with RWT Production. RWT Production has been able to effectively streamline the production process, which, in turn, keeps overhead low, translating directly into tangible benefits to our clients. RWT Production’s and Windward Strategies’ staffs work seamlessly together to provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective and timely production services.


Creative and Design

Windward Strategies works with Carolyn Coon of Starfish Design and Karen Thompson of Quintessential Design. Both Carolyn and Karen have over 20 years of art and design experience. They are well-versed in the special challenges of direct mail and digital design and work closely with our writers and account executives from the very outset on the creative process to makes sure the look and feel of our design work reinforces the brand and message of our clients. Windward works with experienced writers that will understand your organizational voice and positioning.